What They're Saying


“NDP Megan Leslie (Halifax, N.S.), 37, and just two years into her federal career, has improved upon her second-place standing last year, and has been pegged as Parliament's No. 1 favourite up-and-comer and the one to watch in politics.

Ms. Leslie is "smart, substantive, has a good sense of humour, and has lots of charisma," according to one Conservative lobbyist.”

-The Hill Times, Who is your favourite up-and-comer politician?


“Everyone respects and likes the NDP's Megan Leslie, even people who don't share her political views. It's because she's young, bright and she's representing us in Ottawa with a lot of character.”

-The Coast, Best of Halifax 2009


Megan Leslie – NDP MP from Halifax admired for her integrity.

-David Akin, “My picks for the year’s top MPs”, the Toronto Sun


“She speaks with a passion on subjects like energy efficiency, and she sees potential to make an impact where others bemoan the ordinary MP’s impotence”

-Macleans, “Best Rookie: Megan Leslie


“I'm a little surprised she is an MP. You don't usually expect much innovative thinking from MPs anymore!  I wish my community were this vibrant.”

-Online reader comment from “Megan Leslie gets creative with 10-per-centers”, Globe and Mail



“It might be her unpretentious ways. It might be her long history of advocacy work — or her raucous, easy laughter. A lot of things about Leslie inspire the feeling that she is atypical and sincere, and her commitment to making things better for the people of her community was obvious to me from the get-go.”

-Xtra! Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News, Jan 2nd, 2009


“These two women (Megan Leslie and Elizabeth May) are like a waft of springtime. They’re a powerful antidote to cynicism. A province which can generate such candidates should feel proud of itself – and prouder still if it sends them on to Ottawa.”

-Silver Donald Cameron, Chronicle Herald


“The NDP’s response under its energetic new health critic, Megan Leslie, is to draft a private members’ bill proposing a national pharmacare plan to pay for expensive prescription drugs, which will form the basis for party policy at the next election.”

-John Ivison: Taking on Big Pharma, The National Post


“I wonder if this is the power of Megan Leslie? That she stirs up something in people she meets. A drive to work hard and make a difference.”

-The Coast, Citizen Leslie, September 9th, 2009


“Leslie is often on her feet in question period, pushing Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq for answers on a variety of policy issues. She was well-briefed on the controversy surrounding Assisted Human Reproduction Canada last spring, when several board members resigned amid allegations of lack of transparency over spending. She can be expected to hold the government's feet to the fire on this file again in 2011.”

-Meagan Fitzpatrick, “Ottawa's Up-and-Comers: Who to watch on Parliament Hill” Postmedia News


“Sitting in the chair as I do in the House of Commons...Some MP’s get up and they have a story to tell about this issue and it is so compelling.  It comes from a different place and it has a totally different impact on those listening.  I can think of a few members and one of them is from Halifax, her name is Megan Leslie.  It is particularly compelling.  She talks about her community.  She has stories to tell about people who are touched by the laws and legislation that we are in the process of passing and debating.”

-Denise Savoie, Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons and MP from Victoria (interview for the blog, Change Everything)


“In my courses on civic engagement and community volunteerism Megan’s name often comes up as an example of someone who really takes community to heart in her work. Her talk in my class brought out an amazing enthusiasm for public service amongst the students. Megan is an example of how it is possible to engage in federal politics while putting the community’s interest first.”

-Robert Huish, Assistant Professor, International Development Studies, Dalhousie University


“Megan Leslie, you are an inspiration to so many. You will not remember me but you came to my house on Emerald Crescent and we talked briefly when you were campaigning. You are out there, in their faces trying with all your heart to make things better and most of all to keep the everyday person informed as to what is happening in Ottawa and in our community. I was there when we first voted for Alexa McDonough some time ago. I am a diehard! If you could use me in any capacity please call me.”

--Ron Sparks, Halifax